2018.20 Something — The Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon.

May 14, 2018

Happy Mother's Day (US) from WTWF!     This week we consider a tough time in the lives of Paul McCartney and George Harrison.  The Beatles were disintegrating, George had to endure the passing of his mother at age 58, and Paul was looking for comfort in his memory of "Mother Mary".     Despite these troubles, each managed to turn grief into art, and we look at 6 songs that include some of the best from each that were written post-"The Beatles", and through the recording for each of their first solo albums.


2018.19 English Garden — Ringo Starr, The Beatles, Motley Crue, John Davidson, Barbara Bach, John Matuszak

May 7, 2018

In 1980, Ringo Starr accepted a role in the movie "Caveman" for United Artists.         The cast included old school comics including Avery Schreiber (best known at the time for game shows and a long running series of Doritos commercials), Jack Gilford (a veteran actor of over 40 years at the time), and relative newcomers including Shelley Long, Dennis Quaid and Oakland Raider John Matuszak.      The thin plot, and lack of dialogue (the script consists of roughly two dozen words for concepts such as fire, love, dinosaur and sexual congress).      The film might lay alongside other Ringo projects, were it not for the fact that it introduced Ringo to Barbara, and resulted in their love affair and marriage less than a year later.


2018.18 LongLongLong — Ken Womack, The Beatles, John Lennon, DangerMouse, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Sir Paul McCartney

April 30, 2018

This November, an upcoming seminar "Producing An Enigma for The Ages" celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release has been announced by Monmouth University.     Dean Ken Womack of the Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences (author of "Maximum Volume" and the forthcoming "Sound Pictures" George Martin biography) joins us to discuss the plans for the Symposium, the Tuesday Night Record club and their other projects entertaining and educating not only their students, but the community at large with the union of recent popular music and scholarly research and study.    In the remaining time, we discuss a couple of White Album topics, including mixes, George Martin and "Happiness is a Warm Gun".


2018.17 I’m Losing You — John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Larry King, Al Capp, Gloria Emerson, George Harrison

April 23, 2018

Part two of our review of 1988's "Imagine: John Lennon" documentary.     This week, we cover the rest of the film including the remainder of the Ascot footage and "the Yoko Years."         Remember Al Capp's invasion at the Bed-In?     Gloria Emerson's haughty tone?    That and more, then we then give our thoughts on how the documentary played at the time, and how it holds up nearly thirty years later.     


2018.16 Mother (live) — John Lennon, Yoko Ono, The Beatles, David Wolper, Andrew Solt, Cynthia Lennon,

April 16, 2018

The first of two parts covering the 1988 Imagine: John Lennon documentary.         Despite the release of the Beatles catalog the previous year, all was not well in the land of Lennon.      The Albert Goldman character assasination disguised as biography came out early in 1988, and some fans still held hard feelings over Yoko's approval of the Nike "Revolution" spot.      The best solution would be to bring John's two biggest strengths - his life, and his music to the fore.        Both would be serviced by a major motion picture including a peek into the Lennon video archives, new interviews with people close to Lennon (but NOT the other three Beatles), unheard (to that point) Lennon home demos and remixed versions of classic Lennon and Beatles tunes,     This week the first half of the film, covering most of the Beatles years and the Tittenhurst Park footage.       Continued next week!


2018.15 Here Comes the Sun (Fab5) — Danny Kristensen, The Fab 5, The Beatles, Marshall Crenshaw, Almost Endless Summer

April 9, 2018

Part two of the WTWF visit with Danny Kristensen, the new "Tribute George Harrison" in the Fab 5.     This week we get into the specifics of portraying a Beatle on stage.     It all starts with the music, but also includes the clothes, the guitars and the fans.    For those interested (particularly Texas and Louisiana), look for the Fab 5 at https://www.thefab5.net/ and learn more about Chuck, Joe, Danny, Rod and Paul Byron, voted by the Houston Press as Houston's best Tribute Band!


2018.14 Help (Live) — Danny Kristensen, The Beatles, Glen Campbell, Almost Endless Summer, Fever Tree, Private Numbers

April 2, 2018

What is it like to become George Harrison in a Beatles tribute band?   Musician Danny Kristensen joins the show this week to tell us about everything that led to his new role: growing up up in the region, seeing the Beatles in concert, recording over three decades, playing the ukelele and his recent move to the world of "The Fab 5".         Plenty of covers, fun, excitement and even a bit of the actual Beatles and Ringo playing boogie-woogie piano.    Continues next week.


2018.13 Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance — Tom Hunyady, Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough

March 26, 2018

On the Night of April 16, 1973 Chevrolet and ABC presented the world premiere of an hour from Paul McCartney that promised "Yesterday", "Michelle", "Long Tall Sally", and a medley of half a dozen Beatles songs.       As we soon come upon the forty-fifth anniversary of that airing, history has not lived up to that initial anticipation.     This week, the WTWF guys along with special guest Tom Hunyady (of the "2Legs" McCartney podcast) let the YouTube warm up and spend the hour commenting and providing facts, sarcasm, humor and select audio from the special (during those times the special held our interest, or we couldn't think of anything to say!)


2018.12 Bangla Desh (CfBD) — Dr. Kit O’Toole, Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar, John Fugelsang, Paul McCartney, Ken Thorne, The George Martin Orchestra

March 19, 2018

A second visit with fan favorite Dr. Kit O'Toole.      Following on from last week's "Concert for George" show, the WTWF guys (+ one special guest gal) consider the intertwining relationships between George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Ravi Shankar.       Ultimately, everything we know about the public and private life of "The Quiet Beatle" was influenced by one, the other or both of these two gentlemen.        We then expand the scope and play amateur psychologist, doing a compare and contrast covering George's friendships with his mentor and his "brother from another mother" to the what we know of his that with the two songwriting Beatles, and even each of his partners in marriage.


2018.11 Cheer Down (live) — Kit O’Toole, George Harrison, Andy Fairweather-Low, Marc Mann, Jim Horn, Tom Scott.

March 12, 2018

"The Concert For George" found its way back to theatres, home video, vinyl and CD to celebrate the birthday of a certain famous Pisces.     This week we do the same, with famed Beatles (and more) author Kit O'Toole (who will also be back next week).         We dig a little deeper into the show, and consider the musicians on stage that are not superstars.     Many of them worked with George in the tour of Japan, Dark Horse and NLP shows, but others are on George's records starting with "All Things Must Pass" and running through "Brainwashed".